Dance Ministry

Sometimes, words cannot express that which is stirring inside of us. They may hint at the depth of our sorrows or serve as whispers of the hope we long for. But in those times…that which is stirring inside of us can best be expressed by a movement, a gesture, hands rising and falling, legs and feet moving, body turning to the music and rhythm.

Tiana Alcoran Miyamoto has been dancing with Island Breeze Ministries and/or Island Breeze Productions since 1995. She has travelled throughout the South Pacific (Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand), Brazil, and Alaska sharing her gift and love of dance. First and foremost, her desire always is to bless and honor Creator God.

If you feel God leading you into some kind of dance ministry: whether you’d like to have a special number done at your church (or ministry), if you need help choreographing a hula (or other kind of dance), or if you’d just like to talk about dance ministry in general, we would love to set up a time to talk stories.

Together We Go

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