Alaska Ablaze

The Alaska Ablaze Summer Camp is held in Mentasta Village, Alaska.

Mentasta Sign

Our family has been a part of this camp for 9 years and for 7 of those years, we have been blessed to take teams from our Oahu church (Kaka’ako Christian Fellowship). At Alaska Ablaze, we run a 4 – 5 day camp with children & youth activities. We have also recently added classes for adults to attend with topics ranging from finance, to health and addiction support. During the camp, we cook and feed the entire village every day we are there. Morning and evening church services are held as well.

In this isolated village, we look to bless, support, and show those struggling that God is right there with them and together we can take steps forward out of addiction & depression into the healing & hope found in the Lord.

Mentasta Mountains

“From our time in Mentasta, I learned that God will use you if you’re willing to be used. Even if you don’t feel like there’s anything you can offer, He will use the special gifts He’s given each person to make an impact.” ~ C.S.

“God showed me that small acts of love can lead to really impacting someone’s life. After just pushing them on the swings and hanging out with them, some girls asked me to pray for them and tell them how much Jesus loved them.” ~ R.R.

“God showed me how to be courageous and step out of my comfort zone to meet new people and share His love with them.”  ~ R.T.

“Going to Mentasta showed me that I have family all over the world and that missions is just meeting more of the family of Jesus Christ.” ~ J.H.


Camp baptism!!!