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Just a local guy and a local girl


Jared, here. I’m from Kaneohe, Hawai’i on the island of Oahu. My wife, Tiana, is from Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i. We’re blessed to be the parents of four pretty great kids. After 10 years on Oahu we felt like God wanted us to make a change and so we moved our family from the big city to Kohala. 

We met in 2001 at the Makapala Retreat Center (the old Makapala School) where we were a part Holoholo Ministries. Over the years, Tiana and I have been able to share the love of God all over the world through dance and songs. Personally, it’s something I never imagined I would or could do…but God is funny like that. 

So what does God have for us here? What does God have for us now? That’s good question. I suppose it’s not much different than before: to love Him and love others…just in a different part the world.​

I still sing songs and Tiana still dances, but we can do other things too. Check out her Waking Willow Naturals for some pretty incredible stuff! But I guess when I really think about it, we’re here to be a part of this community…and to help out wherever we can. 

Mahalo for your time…

Jared, Tiana, and the kids

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