Team Morning Workout – Update 2

Did the morning workout this past Thursday. Thought I was doing pretty good until the last part. Then I thought I was gonna die. 
Good news is I didn’t die! I was hurting, but I didn’t die.
I did throw up after we were done so…
(Ahhh…good times!)

Later that morning, my 7 and 8 year old girls ask me when the next time we’re working out…
Not until next week, sweethearts…

Why am I writing about this?

I guess because it’s hard…the workouts…are hard for me. It’s something I probably wouldn’t do on my own. But because I have friends and family that encourage me…I do it…and I am glad that I’m doing it. I’m glad that I get to do it with my team here at #IBMakapala and with my girls. Even though I’m finding out how weak I am…finding out how much I have to improve, I’m glad I’m taking steps to make those improvements.

Is there something you think you should be doing but aren’t? Why? Maybe you just need a little encouragement? Well we’re here to give you some if you need…and hey, it might be hard, you might hurt a little during and after, you might even throw up…but you’ll get through it. Just gotta take it step by step.

together we go,


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