Lessons Learned from A Morning Workout

So this week, our team here at #IBMakapala decided that we’d like to start a morning workout for those of us who’d like to…workout. Start at 8am and go for about 30 min. Well, I’ve been wanting to get healthier and exercise more and I thought that this would be a great opportunity.

We started out w/ “warm-ups”. Bear crawls, some type of frog jump, army crawl, and like 7 other things!

Warm up…

That was like the first 5-10 minutes…

After that, we started the workout. Did an exercise (squat jump, burpee, etc), then sprint around 4 cones. Move on to the next exercise, run, move on, run, etc. Did that for about another 10 minutes…

1st Lesson: During this session, my first lesson that I learned was not to eat before working out. Now all I had was some cereal, but there were a few times I thought I was gonna puke. I didn’t, but I felt like it. 

During the final session, we had to run down the hill at Makapala, do an exercise, then run back up the hill. Not the whole hill, but if you know Makapala, we started from a little under the big tree and ran to the first coconut tree next to Ed and Lis’ house. I was consistently one of the last up the hill.

2nd Lesson (or Lesson Group): This isn’t really a lesson…more like a thought I had…my two girls were beating me during this. Yes, my 8 year old and 7 year old was doing this workout and they were SMASHING IT!!!! First thought was that I was so proud of them! 2nd thought was…this is embarrassing. 3rd thought…hey you gotta start somewhere. 

After that session, we did a few cool down stretches and we were done.

3rd Lesson (Group): If you want to get better at something, like for me in this example is…get healthier…it takes work and it might hurt, but it’ll be good. Also, even though I was the slowest, I still thought it was good that I was in a group. If I had been trying to do this on my own, there’s no way I would have put myself through all that pain. Finally, I know that I’m not happy…satisfied with where I am physically and I am thankful that I have friends and a team to help me move forward.

Did I mention my 8 and 7 year old girls did this with me?

After we finished, they asked, “When are we gonna do it again, Dad?”



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