Alaska 2017 Slideshow

Here’s a little slideshow that our friend Erin put together recapping a little bit of what went on in Alaska this year. To our friends and family in Alaska, we miss you and pray for all the best to come about in your lives. To everyone on our team that has since went back to their homes and lives, thank you for give so selflessly. We hope to do it again!…maybe even better!?! To those who supported us and prayed for us as we traveled and worked, thank you. We couldn’t have made it up without you.

One of the things that we’ve learned is that a little (in our own eyes) can mean a lot. So what ever you do, or say, whether big or small…might not seem like a big thing to you…but might mean the world to the other person. So friends…keep doing those good things.

Much love…

Together we go…

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